Report: Egypt Thwarts Suicide Terror Attack Against Israel

Egyptian daily al-Ahram: Egyptian authorities detained 5 Palestinians carrying explosives belts.

Five Palestinian terrorists carrying explosives belts and reportedly planning a suicide attack against Israel were apprehended by the Egyptian authorities recently in recent days, the Egyptian daily al-Ahram reported Wednesday.

The report came a week after Palestinian militants blew holes in the border fence separating the Gaza Strip and Egypt, prompting hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to pour across the breached frontier. Al-Ahram reported Wednesday that Egypt has successfully sealed the breach, after several failed attempts, and intends to erect a new border fence equipped with technological advances in order to "absolutely prevent infiltration, in keeping with the national security of Egypt."

According to the report, the five Palestinian suspects are currently being questioned by Egyptian security officials.

Other Palestinians were caught in Egypt with blueprints of the border crossings between Israel and Egypt, including the location of security posts and deployment of security personnel along the crossings. The Egyptian authorities also discovered sniper rifles and explosives among the suspects' things.

Al-Ahram also reported Wednesday that several other Palestinians had tried to bribe Egyptian guards to allow them to cross border checkpoints with explosives without being searched.

According to the report, Egypt has announced that all Palestinians must leave Egypt before the beginning of next week.