Remedia to Transfer All Production From Germany to England

Baby formula maker Remedia will transfer all of its production from Humana in Germany to Farley in England, which produces the milk substitutes for Heinz International, who owns 51 percent of Remedia.

The company intends on returning its non-milk formula products to retail shelves in the near future - and to mark the products as made by Farley in England. Remedia's milk-based formulas are already marked this way.

The company is expected to start an advertising campaign in two weeks in order to reawaken the market and try to bring back consumers' faith in the company's products, after the lack of Vitamin B1 in its soy-based formula caused the death of a number of infants in Israel.

Only after examining the results of the campaign will the firm decide whether to resume marketing its soy-based, non-milk formula.

The company expects the return of the product to cause quite an uproar and bring about enormous media attention, and if public opinion towards the brand is still too negative, Remedia will delay the renewed marketing of the product. Most of Remedia's other products have returned to their pre-crisis sales levels.