Religious MKs Promote Bill to Ban Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade

Group also decides to hold ten mass rallies across capital on day parade is due to take place.

A group of MKs, mostly religious, decided on Wednesday to promote an amendment to the Jerusalem Basic Law that would ban the Gay Pride Parade from taking place in the city.

The lawmakers decided to sign a petition addressed to the chairman of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee Menahem Ben Sasson, urging him to advance the bill that was submitted last year, yielding little progress since.

National Religious Party-National Union MK Eliyahu Gabbay, who initiated the amendment, said: "It is unacceptable that Ben-Sasson stalls decisions that were made in a democratic procedure. It is an anti-democratic move. Personal considerations should stay away from the democratic process."

They also decided to protest the parade by holding ten mass demonstrations across the capital on the day it is due to take place.

National Union faction whip MK Uri Ariel said that "the majority of Jerusalemites find the Pride Parade intolerable, and it shouldn't take place anywhere. But at least leave Jerusalem alone."

The group also decided to ask the police to ban the parade, saying it would infringe on the public order.