Red Hot Chili Peppers Cancel Israel Tour, Cite Security Situation

The American rock group Red Hot Chili Peppers said Monday night that it was canceling it’s scheduled trip to Israel at the end of August. Producer Shuki Weiss, from Tel Aviv, received the message after several hours of negotiations with sources responsible for the group’s European tours.

The group was supposed to take off for Europe on Monday. However, after meetings with the band’s managers, production artists and record representatives from overseas, the band’s manager notified of the cancellation.

According to the Weiss, the cancellation came in light of the two suicide bombings over the last week, in Kiryat Motzkin and Jerusalem, and in the wake of warnings by the American foreign ministry to U.S. citizens not to visit the area.

“In spite of our promise that we can vouch for the security of artists safety and the crowds safety, it is difficult to convince artists to perform,” Weiss said. He added that so far, some 20,000 tickets had been sold for the performance.

“The band’s motivation to come was large indeed. That was understandable from the e-mails my office had received and from the interviews that the band had given. However, there are security reasons that are hard to deal with. It took many years for Israel to appear on the map of world tours, and with the cancellation, we have moved several years back [in time],” he said.

Weiss said that all those who had purchased tickets for the concert would get their money refunded.