Ramle Youth Suspected of Hiding Firecrackers in Fruit, Planning to Detonate Them at School

Police say the boy was planning to detonate the firecrackers at school as a Purim prank.

Police arrested a Ramle youth on Sunday on suspicion that he planned to bring firecrackers hidden in citrus fruit to his school and detonate them.

Police searched the youth's home and found the fruit packed with the explosive agents. They brought him in for questioning and he was later released. According to police, the boy was planning to detonate the devices at school as a prank.

The search was a joint operation between Ramle Police and representatives of the Industry and Trade Ministry, who are cracking down on sales of firecrackers and other dangerous toys ahead of the Purim holiday.

Forty searches were conducted during the course of the operation. Police also lectured Ramle students about the dangers of using firecrackers as toys.