Ramle Prisoner Suspected of Threatening PM's Housekeeper

Lilian Peretz last week sued the Netanyahus for NIS 300,000 for alleged verbal abuse and mistreatment.

Police suspect that Oren Avraham, a Ramle prisoner known for serial harassment, threatened the life of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's housekeeper, Lilian Peretz, who sued the Netanyahus citing abuse and mistreatement.

Avraham, 36, allegedly made the phone call to the Peretz family from Hadarim Prison, where he is currently serving a 16-year sentence. While police investigated the prisoner, they found the phone which he used to make the phone calls.

The man will be brought before the Haifa Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Avraham has harassed government and police officials in the past, stealing policemen's credit cards and ordering pizzas to government cabinet meetings on their expense.

On Monday, Haim Peretz, the husband of Lillian Peretz, complained to the police about previous death threats.

Peretz said that in a phone call Monday morning the caller said that unless his wife revoked her suit against the Netanyahus within 12 hours, Peretz, his wife, their children and recently born grandson would be murdered.

Lillian Peretz, 43, sued the Netanyahus for verbal abuse and other mistreatment last week. She demanded NIS 300,000 in compensation for alleged unpaid wages and severance pay and for social benefits she claimed were owed her.

Her husband said the caller was familiar with the members of the family and knew, for example, that two of the children were his from a previous marriage and two were his and Lillian's.

One of Peretz's attorneys said the phone displayed caller ID and the police would be checking its origin.

Last week Lillian Peretz complained that someone had called and threatened her that unless she ended the affair within 12 hours she would be hurt. She said the person added that "it's from Bibi."

"The threats are getting worse every time," attorney Shai Lavi said. "We urge the police to take them seriously."

Last week, a spokesman for the prime minister denied that Netanyahu or his family had anything to do with the threats.