Rabin Killer Yigal Amir to Begin Conjugal Visit With Wife

In response to Amir petition, Shin Bet security service agrees unsupervised visits do not pose security threat.

Yigal Amir, the jailed killer of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, received a 10-hour-long conjugal visit with his wife, Larisa Trimbobler, on Tuesday.

Until recently, the Shin Bet security service has been opposed to allowing Amir unsupervised visits.

Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin said Friday, in response to a petition Amir filed with the Tel Aviv District Court on Wednesday, that the conjugal visits do not pose a security risk.

Amir, incarcerated at Ayalon Prison, has been battling for his right to marry and have children for the last two years. He married Larisa Trimbobler by proxy after the Israel Prison Service, backed by the Attorney General, forbade holding the ceremony in prison.

The couple attempted to smuggle the sperm only a day after the IPS announced it would allow Amir to pass semen to conduct an artificial insemination procedure, while still denying from them conjugal visits for security reasons.

The prison service announced in March that Amir would be allowed to provide sperm samples for the artificial insemination of his wife, after rejecting the couple's demands to be allowed conjugal visits on the grounds that he could use them to pass political messages to his supporters.

In Amir's petition to the court last week, he said the fertility treatments that the Israel Prison Service approved for Trimbobler, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and a divorced mother of four, could have negative long-term effects on her health.