Ra'anana Produces English Guide on How to Prepare for War

The Ra'anana municipality has recently produced the most authoritative English-language guide on how to prepare for an emergency situation in Israel, ahead of a possible chemical or biological attack on Israel by Iraq.

The guide, posted on the municipality's Internet site, includes instructions on how to create a "sealed room" using methods which were not yet developed during the Gulf War in 1991.

The instructions advise on what to do when a siren sounds and how to prepare a "protected space" in the home against missiles and air raids.

Citizens are instructed to prepare for evacuation during a chemical or biological attack by packing "two sets of clothes, including shoes, socks and underwear for each member of the household, as well as medication, and important documents in a sealed nylon bag. Also prepare thick nylon bags, to wrap hand and feet, and a battery powered transistor."

The municipality of Ra'anana, which is home to one of the most concentrated communities of native English-speakers in the country (some 1,500 families), posted the information on its web site last week, ahead of distributing a printed Hebrew version in the form of a 26-page pocket-sized booklet.

The English-language guidelines are available on the Internet at www.raanana.muni.il (click on "English," then the red "Emergency Procedures" box).

The only other municipality to produce up-to-date written information about emergency procedures in English is Tel Aviv. Their English-language web site, which can be found at www.tel-aviv.gov.il (contains one page list of general instructions on how to prepare for an emergency situation. A Tel Aviv municipality spokesperson told Anglo File that flyers with this information in English, Spanish, Romanian and Chinese will be distributed to foreign workers in the city within the next week.

The municipality of Herzliya has not produced any information on emergency procedures this year, but when information is released, efforts will be made to reach the local English and Russian-speaking populations, a municipality spokesperson said.

Kfar Saba municipality has produced written information in Hebrew only. In Jerusalem and Petah Tikvah, no up-to-date information on emergency procedures has been printed in any language.