Purim at Haaretz: Journalists Turn the Tables on Themselves

Gideon Levy, Yossi Sarid, Sayed Kashua and Benny Ziffer take a look at life on the flip side.

Gideon Levy / A lover of IsraelIt isn't Purim every day, so I'll allow myself this madness: to dress up as a lover of Israel. Not the kind I consider myself to be in any case - that is, no less a lover of Israel than my readers - but the sort that is the total opposite of a traitor and an Israel hater.

Yossi Sarid / Of monkeys and men 'Look, I am the kind of man who has no choice but to pin all my hopes on inner beauty and hidden charisma. My mother was the last person in the world to judge people by their appearance. Even furious bloggers and pundits point at me in disgust.'

Sayed Kashua / The hangover Freud must have written his articles about narcissism after sessions with the thing that I married. If he only knew what real troubles were. This lush who can't even stand up doesn't know what real problems are. He's just a spoiled little kid who's never known hardship.

Benny Ziffer / No more Mr. Nice Guy - after today I usually bypass the central bus station on the way to the newspaper's offices to avoid any encounter with the homeless, the refugees and the poor falling upon the loaves of bread at the L'sova soup kitchen. But since I have become a lover of people I have no fear of walking into the inferno.

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