Prosecutors: Gang Beat Tel Aviv Beachgoer to Death, Then Went Dancing

Three youths, including one minor, were charged with aggravated assault and murder of Aryeh Karp.

Prosecutors on Thursday indicted three individuals, including one minor, for their involvement in the assault and murder of Aryeh Karp on the promenade of Tel Baruch beach in north Tel Aviv earlier this month.

The three suspects were charged with murder and aggravated assault. Four others, including a young girl who is serving in the Israel Defense Forces, have been charged with failure to prevent a crime and failure to provide assistance. Israeli law requires that bystanders witnessing a crime help the victim.

Of the eight suspects arrested in connection with the case, authorities will not prosecute a young girl from Petah Tikva.

According to the indictment, the youths began drinking alcoholic beverages shortly after they arrived at the beach. Shortly afterwards, the boy left the beach on his own and made his way toward the promenade. There, he accosted Karp, his wife, and his daughter while they were sitting on a nearby bench.

The boy asked Karp whether he could "arrange for him" one of the women in his company. In order to avoid contact, Karp and his family sought to leave the area. The boy then called over two of his friends, Jamal Adav, 25, and Abdel Rahman Addas, 21.

The indictment alleges that the two ran in the direction of the mother and daughter before proceeding to beat them. The mother sustained a broken hand while the daughter managed to flee the scene and call for help.

According to the indictment, Karp fell to the ground as the three youths continued to strike him with vicious blows. Karp beseeched the attackers to stop, but was ignored, the indictment alleges.

At one point, Karp managed to rise to his feet and run a few steps, yet the attackers continued to chase after him, tracked him down, and knocked him to the ground again. They subsequently struck him in the head and the upper body, kicking him and stepping on his body as well, according to the indictment.

As the three youths pounced on Karp, the others observed what was transpiring and did not take any steps to prevent the assault and Karp's death, the indictment alleges. At one point, the young girl from Petah Tikva urged the others to cease, yet to no avail, according to prosecutors. One of the suspects even punched the girl who urged an end to the assault.

The group left Karp beaten and bleeding after they heard people approaching the area. They then drove to a nearby park, where they continued drinking, listening to music, and dancing, the indictment alleged.

Karp would subsequently die of his injuries. The indictment did not specify how his body eventually reached the water.