Prosecutors: Ex-Safed Mayor Convicted of Corruption Received Light Sentence

Ex-Safed mayor Oded Hameiri, convicted of bribery and fraud, was sentenced to six months community service.

Prosecutors on Wednesday appealed the "light sentence" handed down to former Safed mayor Oded Hameiri.

Hameiri, who currently sits on the city council, was convicted three months ago of bribery and fraud. He was sentenced to six months community service. Hameiri is once again running in the local election as a member of the Likud.

"The court erred in not handing down a prison sentence and a mark of moral turpitude that could send an important public and social message on matters related to public corruption," the prosecutors Ilana Yerushalmi and Gil David wrote in their petition.

The judge who sentenced Hameiri, Carmela Rotfeld-Hafet, ruled that "the crimes and the circumstances do not rise to the level of a crime of moral turpitude. The accused failed in his actions, and he primarily failed in showing good judgment. His deeds, for better or for worse, will be presented on election day for the voters to judge."