Postal Authority to Rescind Decision to Lay Off 150 Workers

Gov't to ensure financial security through creation of safety network; Company cancels decision to lay off 150 workers.

According to an agreement reached by the Israel Postal Authority and the employees union on Sunday evening, the government will fund the creation of a safety network to ensure the Postal Authority's financial stability and the company will cancel its decision to lay off 150 of its employees.

The agreement was reached after a debate took place at the regional court of labor in Tel Aviv. The debate was sparked in the framework of a request by the Postal Authority's management for an injunction to prevent the strike by postal employees.

The agreement also put an end to the employee strike which originally began due to the Postal Authority's announcement that it intended to lay off 150 of their workers as a result of the company's ten million shekel deficit. In response to this decision, postal employees went on strike, cutting off outlying areas of the country from postal services and effectively halting correspondence for remote parts of the country.

The safety net the government is supposed to provide the Israeli Postal Service with is a project which could cost the government millions of shekels.

Creating the safety network will take up to one month, with the possibility of extending that time period to two months. Simultaneously, the management of the Postal Service will cancel their announcement to lay off 150 postal workers due to the company deficit.