Pollard Sues Israel for Failing to Grant Him Financial Assistance

Spy says he is not interested in the money as much as in ensuring Israel works for his release.

Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence in the United States for spying on Israel's behalf, has sued the State of Israel for failing to grant him financial assistance since his arrest.

Pollard, a former civilian intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy, sold military secrets to Israel while working at the Pentagon. He was arrested in 1985 and pleaded guilty at his trial.

According to the lawsuit, Israel claims that it has been providing financial assistance to Pollard and his wife since his incarceration.

Pollard has characterized these claims as complete "lies" to the media, to the courts, and to civilians, meant to hide from the public its inactivity toward his release.

Pollard said he had asked State Comptroller Micha Lindestruass to verify the validity of the state's declarations of assisting him, but was told that no such investigation could be conducted.

The prisoner added that he was not interested in the financial assistance, but rather in ensuring the state follow through with efforts to release him.

A few months ago, Lindenstrauss started compiling a report on whether Israel has been doing everything within its capacity to ensure the release of the jailed spy.

Lindenstrauss then criticized Olmert in what could be construed as accusing him of creating the impression that the inquiry into the government's conduct in the affair puts Pollard's potential release at risk.