Poll: More Than Half of Israeli Arab Youth Oppose National Service

Some 63.7% participants believe National Service is an impractical solution for Jewish-Arab inequality.

More than half of Israeli Arab youth are opposed to participating in National Service, according to a public opinion poll published on Tuesday.

Some 63.7 percent of respondents between the ages 17-20 said that National Service was an impractical solution for creating equality between Arab and Jewish Israeli citizens.

The survey was conducted by the Israeli-Arab youth association Baladana as part of a campaign to stop the sector's youth from volunteering for National Service.

Baladana said it was making this appeal due to the instances of economic inequality and discrimination of Israeli-Arabs across the country.

"We are fighting to win over public opinion and I believe that our standpoint will eventually represent the majority of Arab youth in Israel," said Attorney Ayman Ayuda, who chairs the campaign.

In 2006, only 240 Israeli Arabs volunteered for National Service. Today, there are 1,022 volunteers - a number expected to rise 1,400 by next year.

Baladana said it would continue its information campaign in Israeli Arab schools over the next few months.