Police to Pay NIS 1 Million to Woman Whose Baby Was Killed in Officers' Presence

Judge rules police could have prevented father from murdering his child.

Police will pay NIS 1 million in compensation to a Haifa woman whose boyfriend killed their baby in the presence of two police officers 8 years ago.

A Haifa Magistrate's Court ruled on Thursday that police failed in the line of duty and sent two inexperienced police officers to deal with the incident.

Concerned neighbors placed a call to the police some 8 years ago regarding a loud argument that took place between the women and her boyfriend, Mohammed Hatib, in their apartment. They reported they heard Hatib hitting his girlfriend and breaking furniture.

When the two police officers arrived on the scene Hatib resisted arrest and attacked one of them, policeman Tarek Nasser. He then seized his child, kicked him in the stomach and threw him out a window. The baby was rushed to hospital in serious condition and died of his wounds five days later.

Judge Kamala Jidun said the police officers dispatched were serving in the police force as part of their army service and as such lacked proper training dealing with violent incidents.

In addition, she ruled that the police officers were negligent for not arresting the father immediately upon arrival.