Police Suspect Couple Tied Toddler to Bed While Shopping

Police: This incident represents a severe case of abuse and neglect; parents remanded for three days.

A Tel Aviv couple was arrested on Sunday over suspicions they had tied their two-year-old daughter to her bed, and left their two other children unsupervised.

The mother, 28, returned to the apartment 40 minutes after the police arrived and was immediately arrested by local police.

The incident was uncovered when Tel Aviv police officers on patrol spotted the two older children standing by a window looking down into the street.

The officers decided to investigate and went up to the apartment, only to discover it was locked.

Local fire crews were summoned, and firefighters broke into the apartment. Upon entering, the police discovered the two-year-old girl with her legs tied to the bed.

Police officers immediately alerted Tel Aviv welfare officials, and waited for the parents to return.

The children's mother, 28, arrived 40 minutes later.

Upon her return she told officers that she had "just gone to the grocery store for a minute."

The mother was detained for questioning and brought before a Tel Aviv court, where she was remanded for three days.

During the hearing, the children's father was also arrested and was also remanded for three days.

At the onset of the hearing, the representative on behalf of the police, Moshe Poistro, said that the incident represents "a severe case of abuse and neglect. The police officers saw the two children jumping on the windowsill, proceeded to go up to the apartment and saw the girl tied to the bed."

"The two parents admitted to tying the girl to the bed frequently," Poistro added.

According to police investigators the parents claimed in their questioning that the "girl had fallen from the bed several times and that they were afraid that something might happen to her."

Defense attorneys Ela Dayan and Yashar Yaacovi claimed that the two suspects must be released from custody since welfare authorities have already intervened and they did not pose any danger to the children.

Judge Daniela Cherizli said in her ruling that there was reasonable cause to believe that the two suspects habitually neglected their minor children.

"One can learn of the danger posed by the two from what the father said during questioning," Cherizli said, indicating that she would have agreed to release the father to limited custody, if someone would have been able to supervise him.