Police Still at Loss Over Motive in Hod Hasharon Murder-suicide

Michael Fisher's former colleagues in police force say they never noticed a darker side.

Police checked the bank accounts and phone records of the Fisher family of Hod Hasharon and collected documents from their home in an effort to discover what could have motivated Michael Fisher to fatally shoot his wife Hila, their 3-year-old son Yuval and six-week-old daughter Yarden before turning the gun on himself, as police think he did.

Both parents were police officers.

Police are still awaiting the final results of a forensic examination and have begun to rake through material found on the family computer. Investigators have yet to find any evidence that could indicate what motivated the apparent murder-suicide, which took place Thursday.

Police officers in the unit where Michael Fisher worked are having a hard time accepting what happened, saying they never noticed anything that could have indicated the tempestuous emotions that were apparently tearing apart their well-liked and respected colleague.

"I don't believe that the rest of the investigation will reveal anything either," said an officer who knew Fisher. "Apparently whatever it was, he took the secret with him to the grave."