Police Quiz Parents Who Forgot 3-year-old Son During Family Trip in North

Parents who took trip with five children realized they forgot one of them two hours after leaving him at park.

Two Israeli parents who were traveling in the north of the country on Tuesday had left their three-year-old son behind at Hayarden Park, yet only realized his absence once they reached Tiberias two hours later.

The parents, both in their thirties, set out for a family trip to Hayarden Park with their five children. At a later stage, the parents left the park and continued on their way to Tiberias, as their three-year-old son was left behind.

Police officers patrolling the scene noticed the child wandering alone. From their conversation with the boy, police reached the conclusion that his parents apparently left him behind by mistake. Police bought the child sweets and refreshments while making efforts to locate the parents.

The couple noticed their missing son two hours after leaving the park. They subsequently contacted the park's administrative offices, who notified the parents that their son was safely in police custody.

The parents were summoned to appear at the police station in the Golan Heights town of Katzrin. Authorities have launched an investigation against them for alleged neglect.