Police: Israeli Pedophile Solicited 1,000 Underage Girls via Internet

Avinoam Braverman, 33, is alleged to have pressured girls to meet him for sexual encounters.

The Magistrate's Court in Rishon Letzion extended the remand of Tel Aviv resident Avinoam Braverman on suspicions of soliciting children via the internet.

Police believe that Braverman, 33, attempted to lure girls between the ages of 8 and 15 into having internet sex with him. Police also suspect that Braverman pressured some of the girls to meet him in real life for sex.

During a search of Braverman's residence, police seized computers containing records of conversations between Braverman and nearly 1,000 underage girls as well as dozens of pictures of young girls, including photos of an explicit nature.

At this point, charges against Braverman include rape, sodomy, indecency, sexual harassment and contributing to the delinquency of minors.

Police are also checking if Braverman was in contact with other pedophiles.

Braverman's lawyer, Bentzi Kavler, said that his client has denied the charges. According to Kevler, police are suspicious of Braverman because of three incidents in which he was in contact with children.

Police were lead to Braverman on the basis of information they received from the parents of one of the young girls.

According to police, Braverman used websites catered to kids and teenagers. He also used ICQ and instant messenger to talk with the girls.

Additionally, Braverman is also suspected of going to the homes of girls in the afternoon after they finished school and before their parents came home from work. In other instances, he tried to convince girls to feign illness and cut school so he could go to their homes while their parents were at work.