Police Forces Search Azmi Bishara's Knesset Office

Balad Chairman Zahalka was summoned for search because police wanted him to be present.

Balad Chairman Jamal Zahalka was summoned to the Knesset on Monday because police, according to Zahalka, wanted him to be present while they searched former Balad Chairman Bishara's office at the Knesset.

Bishara is suspected of serious security violations, including assistance to the enemy in time of war, passing information to an enemy and contacts with a foreign agent.

Bishara denies all the allegations and said he does not see any possibility of receiving a fair trial in Israel.

With Bishara's resignation last week from the Knesset at the Israeli embassy in Cairo, police requested that Bishara's office be sealed off so that they could search it.

"This is unacceptable and a provocation. The building has immunity", said Zahalka in response to his summoning. He added that "police have framed Bishara and are drawing straws. They won't find anything except for parliamentary information and writing material."