Police Find Dozens of Dead Cats in Refrigerator Behind Haifa Apartment

Police have launched a search for the tenant who has been reported missing for days.

Haifa police discovered dozens of dead cats inside of a refrigerator in the back yard of an apartment in the northern city, and have launched a search for the tenant.

Police arrived at the house after receiving complaints from neighbors that the tenant was missing. When they entered the apartment they found in the back yard the refrigerator and the deceased cats inside.

Also inside the house, police found a number of dogs belonging to the tenant.

An 18-year-old from Petah Tikva was arrested in February on suspicion of having killed hundreds of cats in various "murder scenarios" for his own personal satisfaction.

In his interrogation, the suspect confessed to killing the cats and admitted that he had recently begun planning to murder a human, having been inspired by a Russian television program about a serial killer.