Police Find Body in Kinneret Believed to Be That of Missing Woman

Woman swept out to sea by strong winds while floating on air mattress on Sunday afternoon.

Police say they have found a body in Lake Kinneret believed to be that of a woman missing since Sunday.

Tamara Yerushevsky, 25, was last seen with a friend on a Lake Kinneret beach south of Tiberias on Sunday. Yerushevsky and a friend were floating on an air mattress when they were swept out into the lake by strong winds, which flipped their mattress, sending them into the water.

Yerushevsky's friend screamed for help and a friend who was on the beach swam out and managed to bring her back to the shore. The two were not able to find Yerushevsky.

Rescue services deployed divers and police boats to comb the area for Yerushevsky, but no trace of her was found until Sunday.

A spokesman for the rescue divers' unit called on bathers to exercise extreme caution between the hours of 3pm-5pm, when winds whipping across the lake are strongest.