Police Detain Second Teen Who Daubed Swastikas on Haifa Synagogue

Both boys are 13 years old; one suspect said committed the act with a friend due to 'boredom'.

Haifa Police detained late Friday the second teenager suspected of painting swastikas several days ago on the walls of a Haifa synagogue.

The boy, 13, denies involvement in the acts of vandalism.

The first teen, also 13, was detained earlier Friday. Both boys are suspected of daubing swastikas and a picture of a naked woman on the walls of a Haifa synagogue on Thursday.

During questioning, the fist boy admitted responsibility for the graffiti, saying he and a friend had vandalized the synagogue because they were bored.

Congregants who arrived for morning prayers Friday were disturbed to find drawings of Christian crosses, Nazi swastikas and naked women on the external walls and in the staircase of the synagogue.

Police found permanent markers and a notebook containing similar drawings, mostly of naked women, in the boy's possession.

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