Police: Dad Who Killed Toddler Acted With Malice, Premeditation

Police cited a psychiatric report which was submitted jointly by five doctors who examined Goldring.

Assaf Goldring, who is alleged to have murdered his three-year-old daughter in the town of Batzra two weeks ago, acted with malice and forethought in planning the killing, psychiatrists told a Ramle court on Tuesday.

According to testimony given by the head of the Central District Police's homicide division, Goldring was well aware of the nature of his actions while he committed the murder.

Police Superintendent Micha Levin cited a psychiatric report which was submitted jointly by five doctors who examined Goldring.

Levin added that Goldring had exhibited narcissistic tendencies and acted out of a desire to take revenge against the family of his former companion. His feelings were compounded by fierce rage and frustration that arose due to the circumstances in which he found himself, Levin said.

"This is a completely planned deed," Levin said. "Putting the girl to bed, preparing the plastic bag, dressing her up in nice clothing, and strangling her with a plastic bag so that there would be no visible signs, or as he told us during the investigation: 'She should stay beautiful and pure.' It is as if Goldring had staged a ceremony."

Goldring was brought Sunday morning to court after refusing to cooperate with investigators and maintaining his right to silence.

Earlier Sunday, police officials said that the alleged murder may have been premeditated, and an autopsy was conducted on the girl's body after police received her mother's consent.

Lisa Goldring, who had at first declined to authorize an autopsy on her daughter, changed her mind after consulting with a rabbi and as a result of negotiations with police.

Nissim Mor, commander of police's central district, told Army Radio that police suspects that Assaf Goldring smothered his daughter using plastic saran wrap. Then, the father allegedly attempted to take his own life by ingesting pills.

According to Mor, the police will do everything within its power to find out exactly what happened in the Batzra home in order to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Assaf's father, David Goldring, told investigators he found his granddaughter's body after calling early Saturday morning and gathering from his son's voice that something was wrong.

The elder Goldring rushed to the house and found his son with his hands covered in blood after a botched suicide attempt.