Police Carry Out Sweeping Arrests as Result of Two Undercover Operations

Police detain 15 suspected drug dealers in Tel Aviv; 35 suspects arrested in Rishon Letzion, including two associates of Itzik Abergil.

Police arrested 15 suspected drug dealers in Tel Aviv on Monday, as a result of nine months of work by an undercover agent in the city.

Police will ask Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court to extend their remand later in the day.

The agent spent time in local clubs in order to gain the trust of the dealers, and documented dozens of incidents in which they sold cocaine, ecstasy, hash and LSD.

Police often use undercover agents in order to gather evidence against drug dealers who operate out of clubs.

Meanwhile, an undercover agent in Rishon Letzion brought about Monday's arrest of 35 suspects in various crimes related to drugs, arms dealing, and stolen property. Police will likewise ask Rishon Letzion Magistrate's Court to extend their remand later in the day.

Among those arrested were two associates of reputed crime boss Itzik Abergil, whom police documented selling explosives.

Police warned Itzik Abergil he might be assassinated

The International Crimes Investigation Unit (ICIU) informed Abergil last week of an imminent attempt on his life by his rivals.

A Haaretz article revealed on Sunday that the ICIU had learnt that at least two hit men entered Israel, with the intention of killing Abergil. The assassins, carrying fake documents, arrived from the former Soviet Union. The police assume that a rival crime organization contracted them to remove Abergil.

Abergil was warned upon his visit to the ICIU office on Simchat Torah. The police did not specify how and by whom the attack would be carried out.

A police spokesperson confirmed that Abergil came to their office last week, but said it was regarding a different matter.

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