Police Call Off Terror Alert in Tel Aviv; Three Suspects Arrested

In most serious such alert in some time, police dragnet ringing city snarled morning rush hour traffic.

Police midday Tuesday called off a high alert over a warning of a possible terror attack in the Tel Aviv area after they arrested three suspects.

The warning pertained to the suspected intention of one or more terrorists to carry out such an attack.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the situation was back to normal.

The police dragnet that enforced the alert, the most serious such warning in some time, snarled traffic earlier Tuesday and brought the morning rush hour to a standstill in a wide area ringing the city.

Police had advised citizens to avoid traveling to Tel Aviv if possible in the coming hours.

They set up roadblocks at city entrances and exits, manned by police officers, paramilitary Border Police and volunteers.

At some of the checkpoints, no cars were being allowed through, with police checking each vehicle thoroughly.

There was also heavy a police presence with patrol cars much in evidence on city streets.

Huge jam on main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway

Traffic slowed to a crawl on the main Jerusalem-Tel Aviv route, Highway 1, with the jam extending from Ben Shemen, near Modi'in, to Kibbutz Galuyot in south Tel Aviv.

On the Haifa-Tel Aviv coast road, Highway 2, traffic was heavy from Netanya to Kfar Shmaryahu.

The Geha route, Highway 4, was jammed from Faradis to Morasha.

The cross-Samaria road, Highway 5, was stalled from Kessem to Morasha.