Police Arrest 2 Jisr al-Zarqa Teens for Allegedly Throwing Rocks on Road

Police were searching for teens, 15, since Sat., after receiving intel reports saying they may attempt escape.

Police arrested two 15-year-old teens from Jisr al-Zarqa early Tuesday for allegedly throwing rocks on the main coastal highway during the past weekend.

One of the teens was arrested at his home in the village, and the other at a Herzliya restaurant where he works.

Police had been searching for the two since Saturday night, when the teens where thought to be throwing rocks at vehicles on the highway. In one of the incidents, a car window was smashed, and a passenger was treated for shock.

On Sunday, police placed roadblocks to the entrance to the village, after intelligence reports were received saying the two were planning to escape from the village. Police checked each vehicle that left the only entrance to the village. Traffic built up around the entrance to the village as a result of the roadblocks.

The Coastal Region Police head, Roni Attia, said on Saturday that "we have no intention of placing collective punishment on the village. The police force is determined to provide security for all the citizens driving on the northern roads."Attia placed the blame for the rock-throwing on the local leaders in the village, and said that they must take responsibility and cooperation with police in order to stop this phenomenon. Police maintain that almost every week there are similar incidents of rock-throwing in the area.