Police Arrest 13-year-old Haifa Teen for Bullying Classmates

Teen allegedly assaulted fellow students, forced them to give him money and buy him food.

A 13-year-old Haifa teen was arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting his schoolmates for several months, as well as forcing them to give him money and allow him to use their cellular phones.

Police became aware after the incident during the course of a separate investigation into several Haifa youth, which exposed numerous testimonies regarding the seventh-grader's bullying ways.

The 13-year-old allegedly also forced his classmates to buy him lunch and drinks at the school cafeteria and pay his bus fare. He is also accused of putting out a cigarette on a classmate's body.

Police sources said the teen is well-known to them in connection with other violent incidents.

Haifa Police Chief David Ben-Atia said the investigation revealed "a picture of a neighborhood bully who instills fear in the students." Atia stressed that the youth comes from a completely normal family, and despite his past has yet to correct his ways.