Petah Tikvah Man Shoots and Kills Friend, Critically Wounds Wife

In the midst of their divorce the man critically wounded his wife and himself.

A 28 year old man from Petah Tikva shot his wife Tuesday night, critically wounding her, then murdered his friend and attempted to kill himself.

The couple immigrated to Israel a few years ago, and has since separated. The husband, a security guard, moved to an apartment in Ariel, while the wife stayed in their Petah Tikva home.

Preliminary investigation reveals that the suspect told his wife he would be arriving at her house on Tuesday, and she in turn requested two acquaintances to be present when he arrives.

After a while the acquaintances left. At that time shots rang out, as police suspect the husband shot his wife due to a dispute that broke out between the two.

One of the acquaintances then rushed back inside the apartment and was shot in the head by the suspect. The suspect then attempted to commit suicide, and was critically wounded.

The second acquaintance heard the shots outside the apartment and called the police and paramedics. They declared the man dead and rushed the couple to hospital in critical condition.