Petah Tikva Man Suspected of Kidnapping, Raping 16-year-old Girl

Medical evidence shows the girl was raped at least once; court remands man, 35, by four days.

A Petah Tikva man was arrested on Wednesday over allegations he had kidnapped and raped a teenage girl, police allowed for release on Friday.

The man, a 35-year-old father and husband, was remanded by another four days on Thursday.

Police suspects the man, who had been employing a young girl as a house cleaner, contacted her on Wednesday evening, urging her to meet him about the possibility of arranging further cleaning work.

The girl arrived at the suspect's home together with a friend, with the man then offering them a lift home. The suspect then reportedly dropped off the girl employed at his home, asking to be left alone with her 16-year-old friend.

The girl told police she then refused to leave her friend alone with the suspect, prompting him to push her out of the car and drive away with the second girl.

According to the police report, the girl in the car then called her friend, saying: "Help! I've been kidnapped, I'm scared."

Minutes later the victim succeeded in making another phone call, in which she told her friend that "I don't know where I am, but there's a hot tub and a bed here, I'm afraid he'll rape me, help me."

After that call the victim's phone was reportedly disconnected, and she could no longer be contacted.

The girl left behind then contacted local police, providing a partial license plate number for the suspect's car. Following a quick checkup, police investigators reached the conclusion that the girl was in the vicinity of the nearby Sgula industrial zone.

Police units then arrived at the area, with detectives identifying the car outside a local pay-by-the-hour motel. Police then broke into one of the rooms, finding the suspect naked and the victim wounded and crying on the bed.

The suspect was arrested and the girl was evacuated to nearby Beilinson Hospital, where physical evidence indicated that she had been raped at least once.

In her investigation, the girl claimed she had begged for her life, but no to avail.

Officer Adi Ratzabi, who oversaw the case, said it was "an extremely difficult incident," adding that "fortunately enough we were able to arrive relatively shortly considering the conditions at hand."

"We couldn't prevent the act, but it would be difficult to imagine where things would have gone if we hadn't arrived when we did," Ratabi added.