Peres: Ahmadinejad Travels Like King While Iran Suffers

In Herzliya conference Peres urges international community to attack the unethical Iranian regime.

President Shimon Peres urged the international community on Tuesday to criticize Iran based on their human rights violations and the oppression of its population.

"The Iranian government is the height of moral corruption in the world," Peres said at the annual Herzliya conference. "Ahmadinejad travels the world like a king, and who is he? A dictator who wastes his people's money while Iran suffers from 30 percent unemployment."

"The battle against Iran does not begin from the outside, but from within the Iranian borders," Peres continued. "The young Iranians and the Iranian women do not want that regime and they feel that Ahmadinejad has brought international shame upon their country."

The president stressed that the topic of Iran should not be rendered by the world as an "Israeli monopoly," as it is "a danger to the entire world."

In a message to the United States, Peres added that "America will not find a better friend than us in the Middle East, and we will not find a better friend in the world than America."

He also said "I am very worried about future of Middle East if we do not take necessary steps for peace now."

Earlier, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos spoke at the conference and said that "Israel should have privileged status in European Union, no matter what happens."

"The United States needs a strong ally with shared values like the EU," he said.