Peace Now Petitions Court to Halt Modi'in Illit Construction

New Jewish neighborhood is being constructed on land owned by Palestinians in nearby Bil'in.

Peace Now petitioned the Supreme Court Wednesday to halt the illegal construction of a Jewish neighborhood being built in the West Bank settlement of Modi'in Illit.

The appeal was made after Haaretz revealed that the neighborhood was being built on land that belonged to Palestinians in the nearby village of Bil'in.

Lawyer Michael Sfard asked the Supreme Court on behalf of Peace Now to order a halt on construction work being carried out and issue demolition orders for buildings already erected.

The state prosecutor for Modi'in Illit said that the construction constituted a "colossal construction infringement," and that though the local civil administration had admitted its illegality, they failed to act to stop it.

Some 750 out of the 3,000 planned housing units are currently being built.