Panel Readies for Interrogation of Tennenbaum

A joint committee comprised of representatives of the Shin Bet security service, the police and the Israel Defense Forces will convene Monday night to prepare for the interrogation of Elhanan Tennenbaum after he is returned to Israel in the framework of the prisoner exchange with Hezbollah.

Included in the committee are the second in command of the Shin Bet security services and the head of the police international investigations unit, Brigadier General Yohanan Danino.

All of these organizations will be participating due to the criminal, military and security aspects of the case.

These range from the troubles that Tennenbaum was apparently embroiled in prior to the trip abroad that led to his kidnapping, to the sensitive security information to which he was exposed during his reserve service, where he reached the rank of colonel.

Additionally, in early February, the Northern District police will conduct a simulation of a terrorist infiltration into the Galilee, due to fears that once the swap is completed, either Hezbollah or Palestinian terror organizations based in Lebanon will resume attacks on Israel.

The exercise scenario will be based on the attack at Metsuba in 2002, in which two Hezbollah agents killed six Israelis.

Among other items, the exercise will test the level of cooperation between the police and the army.