Palestinians: Settlers Killed Man From Village of Akraba

Police have yet to verify report; settler arrested for wounding Palestinian; IDF troops kill Islamic Jihad activist in Jenin.

A Palestinian man was shot dead Sunday and another man was wounded by settlers near the West Bank village of Akraba, next to Nablus, Palestinian sources said.

According to reports a 24-year-old Akraba resident was shot by settlers in an olive grove close to the village. The police have yet to verify the reports.

"A group of 10 to 12 armed settlers opened fire and tried to disperse the olive-pickers," said Ghaled Myadmeh, mayor of Akraba. "They opened fire extensively and Hani Yusuf, 24, was killed and another man wounded."

Also in the West Bank, IDF soldiers shot and killed 21-year-old Islamic Jihad activist Sami Nursi at the entrance to the refugee camp in Jenin, Israel Radio reported.

Settler arrested for shooting, wounding PalestinianIn a separate incident earlier in the day near the West Bank village of Luban al-Sharkiyeh, an Israeli man was arrested on charges of shooting and lightly wounding a Palestinian man during confrontations between settlers and Palestinians.

Three Israelis who were found in an abandoned building in the village were also taken into custody.

Also Sunday, a 16-year-old Palestinian girl in possession of a knife was arrested and admitted to planning to stab a settler. It is not yet clear to which organization she belongs.