Palestinian Accused of Helping Kill Shehadeh Murdered

The body of a young Palestinian, suspected of collaborating with Israeli security and helping them assassinate Hamas' Gaza military commander Salah Shehadeh, was found dead in a dumpster in Gaza on Tuesday, Palestinian sources revealed to Ha'aretz.

The man, Ikram Zatma, 23, from Rafah in the Gaza Strip was charged by the PA security service last month for allegedly supplying Shin Bet operatives with information, which assisted in the assassination. The Palestinian sources said that signs of violence and gunshot wounds were evident on Zatma's body. It appears that he was murdered Monday night but an official response from the Palestinian Preventive Security was unavailable.

Zatma was arrested about a month ago and admitted at a press conference that he had called Shin Bet operatives on July 23 and informed them that Shehadeh was inside his house. An IAF fighter jet later dropped a one-ton bomb on the building in a Gaza residential area and 16 people, including eight children, were killed.

Zatma was not tried in a court of law and his execution was not based on a verdict issued by the PA State Security Court, which was established by Arafat in 1995 and is used in cases when it is necessary to bypass the PA civilian judicial system.