PA Minister: All Goods Made in Settlements Are Illegitimate

Dr. Hasan Abu-Libdeh reiterates PA goal to rid Palestinian cities and markets of settlement goods.

The Palestinian Finance Minister said all goods produced in West Banks settlements are illegitimate and will be boycotted by the Palestinian Authority while speaking to Haaretz on Tuesday

The Palestinian authority has been pursuing a thorough cleaning out of all goods produced in settlements and sold in Palestinian markets and cities for some time now.

They announced in January that they will deposit $150,000 every month into a new fund whose goal is to remove all products made in West Bank settlements from the Palestinian market.

Dr. Hasan Abu-Libdeh, who leads the campaign to boycott settlement goods, spoke during a Palestinian Authority meeting on the economy currently taking place in Nazareth.

Abu-Libdeh said the PA encourages participation in joint projects with Israeli entrepreneurs and professionals in accordance with principles of equality and reciprocation. However, he points out, there is a decisive difference between products that originate within the Green Line and goods originating from settlements in the West Bank.

"From our point of view, the settlements are not legitimate and constitute a serious obstacle to peace and to every possible future historical agreement between Israel and the Palestinians," Abu Libdeh said. "Therefore, we can't receive merchandise from the settlements in Palestinian markets; we will fight against these goods."

"The settlements are illegitimate and everything produced by them are illegitimate," Abu-Libdeh said.

According to Palestinian Authority estimates, $500 million worth of goods produced in settlements reach the Palestinian territories every year.