Israeli official: IDF to fully exit Gaza ahead of Obama inauguration

IDF troops begin pullout, poised to respond to flare-ups; Israel: We'll treat smuggling 'as if fired upon.'

By Haaretz Service and News Agencies

Hamas vows to replenish Gaza arsenal depleted in 3-week warSpokesman of group's armed wing warns 'all option open' if Israel fails to pull troops out of Gaza.
Israel fears wave of war crimes lawsuits over Gaza offensiveMinisters worried Israel will be pushed to agree to international probe of losses among non-combatants in Gaza.
Livni: If Hamas renews rocket fire, it'll get slapped down againFM threatens Israel will launch another offensive against group in Gaza to counter renewed attacks.
Social networking Web site links Israeli, Gaza journalists during wartimeWith Israeli, foreign journalists banned from Gaza, Web site serves as central communication tool.
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