One Israeli Killed, 4 Hurt as Palestinian Rockets Hit Negev Home

Qassams fired from Gaza hit Kiryat Gat, some 20 km. from Strip, dozens of missiles, rockets fired Saturday.

Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip fired dozens of Qassam and Grad rockets into southern Israel on Saturday after Israeli air strikes killed at least 230 Palestinians in Gaza.

A home in the town of Netivot was hit by a grad missile, killing one and leaving four with moderate to serious injuries.

One rocket struck just outside Kiryat Gat, some 20 kilometers from Gaza. The strike marked the first time in the eight years since Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel that a rocket has struck the southern Israeli city.

The Israel Defense Forces had put communities near the border on alert, anticipating massive rocket barrages from Gaza in response to the Israel Air Force offensive in the territory.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak had ordered a state of emergency in all communities that lie within a radius of 20 kilometers of the Gaza Strip.

Defense officials anticipate a massive Palestinian bombardment of Israeli communities following the IAF strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza.

A short time following the IAF strikes, seven rockets exploded in the western Negev.

The IDF Home Front Command has issued directives to residents of towns adjacent to the Gaza border, including Sderot, requiring them to remain indoors. Authorities are forbidding residents from gathering in crowds.

Israelis residing in communities within a radius of 10 kilometers from Gaza are required to enter bomb-proof shelters within 15 seconds of hearing the siren warning of an incoming projectile.

Residents in towns which lie within a radius of 20-30 kilometers from the Gaza fence - areas which include Ashdod, Ofakim, Kiryat Malachi, Kiryat Gat, and Rahat - are to enter shelters within 45 seconds of hearing the sirens.