Olmert Spotted in Tel Aviv, Apparently Seeking to Buy Home

Prime Minister meets with real estate agent in central Tel Aviv, heavily accompanied by bodyguards.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, already under investigation for inappropriate real estate deals, reportedly intends to purchase property in central Tel Aviv.

He arrived Thursday at Zamenhoff and King George Streets, accompanied heavily by bodyguards, apparently to meet with the real estate agents.

The prime minister met with an area agent as his security service spread out on the street corners. The security included special police forces and snipers.

The prime minister and his wife are suspected of purchasing an apartment on Cremieux Street in Jerusalem at a discounted price and granting benefits in turn to the real estate firm which brokered the deal.

Olmert, who is to be questioned on Friday for the ninth time in a corruption probe against him, was investigated under caution during one of the early questionings regarding the sale of the CremieuX Street home.