United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (Partition Plan), November 29, 1947

UN archives reveal plan to arm Jewish militiaIt was November 29, 1947. The United Nations General Assembly had just passed Resolution 181 - the Partition Plan, according to which the British Mandate was to be divided into a Jewish state and an Arab state. By Ofri Ilani

The Iranian who took to ZionismThe Indian and Iranian UNSCOP representatives were pro-Arab to begin with, but the latter gradually changed his mind. By Ofri Ilani

Hamas said calling on UN to rescind 1947 partition planArmy Radio quotes Hamas statement as saying that, 'It is not shameful to correct a mistake. Palestine is Arab-Islamic land from the river to the sea, including Jerusalem, and Jews have no place there.'By Ofri Ilani

The 29th of November, then and nowOn Saturday night, November 29, 1947, many of the Jews in the Land of Israel went out to dance in the streets of the cities. They were celebrating the United Nations decision to establish a Jewish state in part of the country. The Arabs were also supposed to get a state, but they went to war. By Tom Segev

Why there was partitionSome claim that the expression "a Jewish and democratic state" is a contradiction in terms; the Partition Plan, on the other hand, asserts that the two states, the Jewish one and the Arab one, must be democratic.By Alexander Yakobson