Northern Towns Flooded as Israel Hit by Heavy Storms

Firefighters, emergency services throughout the Galilee are on high alert for flooding, trapped drivers.

Heavy rains fell throughout Israel on early Wednesday morning, causing flooding in the north and major train and traffic disruptions.

Major streets in the northern towns of Nahariya and Haifa were closed to traffic, and local firefighters and emergency services throughout the Galilee region continued to be on high alert.

Two houses in Nahariya and several more in Ma'alot were flooded, and local firefighters were called to evacuate their residents.

In Haifa, two walls collapsed in the town's central district, causing structural damage.

Train traffic in the country was also affected by the turbulent weather, as some railway tracks were flooded and schedules delayed.

Meanwhile, snowfall was recorded for the first time this winter on Mt. Hermon.

Authorities estimated Tuesday that the damage to agricultural resources caused by Monday's flooding may reach tens of millions of shekels. The Israel Meteorological Service said precipitation measured in the Negev plateau Monday was the highest on record.

Also on Tuesday morning, the body of missing hiker Yoram Hochman, 56, of Moshav Nir Banim, was identified several kilometers from where he was last seen in the floodwaters in the Arava Valley.