New Jewish Settlement Established in Jordan Valley

A new settlement entitled Givat Salit was established in the Jordan Valley over the past few days. The settlement was named for Salit Sheetrit, who was murdered two weeks ago in a shooting incident on the Valley Road. The settlement is located one kilometer west of the Jordan Valley settlement of Shadmot Mehola, where Sheetrit's parents live.

The settlement was established by residents of Shadmot Mehola and Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu, in the Beit She'an Valley, where Salit Sheetrit had lived. Those who established the settlement claim that it is a new neighborhood in the existing Shadmot Mehola settlement.

Ten men currently live at the site of the new settlement, where ten caravans are being renovated. The site has been fenced off, and the new settlers are defending themselves.

Six families intend to move to the new settlement as soon as they receive permission to do so. The head of the Jordan Valley regional council, David Levy, announced the creation of the new settlement Tuesday, during Simhat Torah celebrations at the A-dam junction, in the Jordan Valley. Minister of National Infrastructure Avigdor Lieberman was present at the celebrations.

The new "Metarim" industrial zone was established Wednesday in southern Mount Hebron. This will be the main industrial zone in Mount Hebron and will be spread out over approximately 1,200 dunams. A cosmetics products factory currently operates in the industrial zone and another factory, which produces synthetic fuel from sewage water, is presently in operation on an trial basis.

According to plans, a dairy making organic products from sheep and goat milk will be established in the industrial zone, as well as gas station, an office for the development of the Mount Hebron area and local health services.

Members of the Mount Hebron regional council and a number of industrialists took part in the ceremony to mark the opening of the industrial zone.