New Hamas TV Show Features 'Jew-eating' Bugs Bunny Lookalike

After Mickey Mouse lookalike 'Farfur', Hamas airs show with 'Assud' the rabbit who entered Gaza via breached Egypt border.

Following the "demise" of the Hamas Mickey Mouse character "Farfur" at the hands of a belligerent Israeli soldier, Hamas' television station has introduced a Bugs Bunny lookalike who declares "I will eat Jews," a British newspaper reported Wednesday.

According to the Daily Mail, Hamas-controlled TV in Gaza has introduced 'Assud', a rabbit, claiming that he sneaked into Gaza from Egypt after the border was breached last month.

Farfur, the Mickey Mouse lookalike who called for the terror attacks against Jews was beaten to death by an Israel Defense Forces soldier, only to be succeeded by Nahul the bee.

Nahoul was killed a week later when an Israeli siege prevented him from receiving medical treatment.

The Hamas TV show faced global condemnation - and the threat of a lawsuit from Disney - before Farfur was taken off the air.

The newspaper report said that the new show ended with a song, "We will never recognize Israel, until we liberate our homeland from the Zionist filth."

In the new show, Assud speaks with Saraa, a young girl narrator. "We are all martyrdom seekers, are we not Saraa?" Assud asks. "We will sacrifice our souls and everything we own for the homeland," he says.

"We will liberate al-Aqsa from the filth of those Zionists," Saraa replies.

"I Assud will get rid of the Jews and I will eat them up, Allah willing," Assud concludes the scene.

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