New Evidence Halts Tel Aviv Beach Murder Trial

Court delays trial until June after discovery of new video that shows victim Leonard Karp fleeing.

The Tel Aviv district court Sunday suspended until June the trial of youths accused of murdering Leonard (Aryeh) Karp, following the discovery of new video evidence from the night of the incident.

Karp, 59, is thought to have been accosted while walking with his wife and daughter along the Tel Baruch beachfront last August.

Two men from the Arab village of Jaljulya have been charged with his murder.

The new video evidence shows Karp fleeing across the Tal Baruch promenade after he was attacked, with a group of people pursuing him.

The defense criticized police and the prosecutor's office for not presenting them with the video tape on Sunday. The prosecution said, "I admit this is a mistake."

The footage, which the defense claims reveals new details of the incident, was recorded by a beachfront security camera from the Sde Dov airport.

During opening remarks, defense attorney Moshe Maroz declared that the defense would like experts to examine the footage.

The defense expressed concerns that the time code of the footage does not correspond to the time and place the alleged perpetrators' cell phones had previously pinpointed them being.

Karp's wife, Sarah, said after the decision, "I did not see the tape and I do not need to see the tape in order to know they are the killers."