Negev Man Gets 9 Years in Jail for Trying to Bomb Police Officer

Yaniv Zaguri was also convicted for extortion and arms trading, but acquitted of running crime ring.

The Be'er Sheva District Court on Monday sentenced a man to nine years in prison for rigging a hand grenade at the entrance to the home of a prison intelligence officer. Yaniv Zaguri was also convicted for extortion and arms trading

"It seems that criminals are upgrading their means to achieve what they want," the judge wrote in his ruling.

In December 2009, Zaguri was convicted of placing the grenade in order to frighten prison intelligence officer Emil Salah. Azuri alleged that Salah had mistreated his friend who was imprisoned under the officer's command.

In his ruling, the judge called Zaguri a powerful man who inscited others around him to stoop to criminal acts.

Zaguri was acquitted by reasonable doubt of heading a crime organization in the South, but convicted on the other charges.

"There was no evidence which managed to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that he was part of an organized, methodic, and continuous criminal group, and at most they regrouped for each mission at a time," the judge wrote.