Mother Who Drowned Her 4-year-old Son Convicted of Manslaughter

Regina Kruchkov confesses to filling tub with water, submerging her son until he stopped resisting.

Regina Kruchkov, who drowned her 4-year-old son Michael in 2008, was convicted on Tuesday of manslaughter instead of murder due to a plea bargain.

Krichkov was charged in September 2008 with filling a tub with water, then waited for her brother to leave the apartment and proceeded to drown her son to death.

According to the defense attorney she confessed to the crime.

I held him in the tub, I submerged him and he resisted," she said during her testimony in court.

Police learned of the incident in September 2008 when Regina Kruchkov called at about 10:15 PM and whispered: "I killed my child."

The police located the address of the family using the phone number, and a patrol car was sent to the apartment, along with emergency services. Waiting for them was Regina, who repeated that she had killed her son.

The policemen entered the small apartment on Hezkiyahu Street in south Tel Aviv, and found the boy, lying naked on his bed. There were no signs of violence on his body, and all efforts by the emergency crews to revive him failed.

Although she has confessed to the crime, Kruchkov did not offer investigators any reason for her action. She told them she had thought about it for a long time, and that she had read of other cases of murders of children - but she did not say that she had been encouraged to act by several recent high-profile killings of children.

Kruchkov immigrated to Israel from Russia in 1997, and gave birth to twins four years ago. Michael's twin sister died a short while after birth.

She worked as a cleaning woman, and social services had known that she was experiencing economic hardship.

"But she took good care of the child, and he played every day nearby during the summer vacation, and she was very caring," a neighbor said.

Kruchkov had no police record, nor was she known to have received psychiatric treatment in the past.