Mother of Murdered Girl Rose Pizem: Ronny Ron Nearly Beat Me to Death

Marie-Charlotte Renault, on trial for murder of her 4-year-old daughter Rose Pizem, testified Thursday.

Marie-Charlotte Renault, who is on trial for allegedly murdering her 4-year-old daughter, Rose Pizem, last year, testified on Thursday for the first time in Petah Tikva.

Renault testified that she was abused as a child and became pregnant at a young age in order to escape her childhood home.

"My mother is a sick and depressed woman, and she is also an alcoholic. I was always made to feel like I was disposable," said Renault on the witness stand.

Renault, a French citizen, testified in French, and her testimony was then translated to Hebrew in the court room.

"My mother continuously told me that I was responsible for the fact that she didn't live well, that I'm lazy, a crybaby, not smart enough and far from what she had expected from me," Renault said.

She added, "My mother used to beat me, force me into freezing showers, and when she was really mad at me she would lock me in the basement."

Renault also testified that she hasn't seen her own father since the age of 6 because her mother got a restraining order against him based on the false accusation that he had sexually abused her as a young girl.

"I was always in a constant state of panic," she concluded.

"When I lived with my mother I worried about her and was afraid that she would do something to herself. She would scream constantly, and when I left home I was able to escape the fear that my mother would try to kill herself, which she often tried," Renault said.

Following her testimony regarding her own upbringing Renault continued to describe the abusive relationship she had with her husband Ronny Ron, Rose's Grandfather who allegedly murdered the 4-year-old girl before placing her in a suitcase and throwing her into the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv.

"He used to beat me half to death," Renault said as her voice broke into to tears.

"I remember the day that he poured a cup of hot coffee on my head and another day when he tied me to a chair and beat me," she added.

Renault also said that the abuse was the reason she was unable to protect her daughter from Ron.

"I couldn't pick Rose up at times because I was in so much pain from the beatings, at times I couldn't even shower. There was no end to his violence," Renault testified.

Marie-Charlotte Renault left Rose's father, Benjamin Pizem, when the child was still an infant, later marrying her father-in-law, Rose's grandfather, Ronny Ron.