Mother of Kuntar Victim: This Monster Will Be a Lebanon Hero

Nina Keren, whose son, granddaugters died in 1979 attack, appeals to Peres against prisoner's release.

The mother of a man killed nearly 30 years ago by Lebanese terrorist Samir Kuntar has written to President Shimon Peres regarding the imminent prisoner swap expected to take place this month with the Lebanon-based militant group Hezbollah.

82-year-old Nina Keren's son Danny Haran and granddaughter Einat were killed by Samir Kuntar when he broke into their Nahariya home in 1982 and shot them.

Keren's other granddaughter, Yael, also died during the incident. Only Smadar Haran, Keren's daughter-in-law, survived the attack.

In her letter to Peres, Keren appealed to Peres to cancel plans for Kuntar's release.

"When I close my eyes at night, I see Einati's black eyes, wide open in fear, not understand why her hero of a father was not saving her the rifle hitting her on the head," she wrote.

"For more than 29 years, I have sentenced myself to silence. The difficult incident, in which I lost my son, Danny, and my two granddaughters, Einat and Yael, in such indescribably cruel circumstances.

"But today, just before you cut the sentence of this despicable murderer, I can no longer smother my screams.

"Five life sentences were given to this same beastly person. In a few days, he will be freed, before even one life sentence has run out?How will I bear the moment when he crosses the borders and turns from a despicable monster to the new hero of Lebanon," she wrote.