Missing Israeli Tourist Located in Northern India After 48 Hours

Dror Shek, the Israeli murdered by robbers in northern India, laid to rest in Lower Galillee Thursday.

A young Israeli man who went missing in India on Wednesday was found alive by a rescue team near the city of Manali on Friday.

Sa'ar Revivo was found in a state of extreme dehydration by a team working for his insurance company near the northern Indian city, and was rushed to hospital to receive medical treatment.

Revivo split up from his friends on Wednesday, and left Manali. Several hours later, his personal effects and motorcycle were found on a bridge just outside the city.

An Israeli embassy representative, who was already in the Manali area to deal with the four Israelis being questioned regarding the murder of Dror Shek, also handled Revivo's disappearance.

Shek was murdered by robbers in the region on Sunday, and four of his friends have been detained by Indian police for questioning. According to the Foreign Ministry, this is standard procedure under Indian law.

He was laid to rest in the Lower Galilee on Thursday. The funeral procession made its way from his parents' home in Givat Avni to the local cemetery. The funeral was attended by more than 2,000 people, including representatives from the Israel Air Force, in which Shek had served.

Shek's body arrived in Israel at 4 A.M. Thursday after a rescue crew retrieved it from a remote village in northern India, and carried it for about six hours to the nearest village where a helicopter could land.