Missing Autistic 4-year-old Found in Safed Cemetery

Search party included orthodox Jews permitted to set aside Shabbat restrictions to help find boy.

Hundreds of volunteers and police officers searched for missing 4-year-old Moshe Maitess for several hours in Safed on Friday.

The boy, who suffers from autism and does not communicate, was found five hours later wandering in a cemetery safe and sound

Maitess disappeared from his home, located in the old city in Safed, at around 2 p.m. while a family member was not paying attention.

When the family member noticed the boy's absence, he notified the police who immediately began a search.

The police force used helicopters to help with the search. Many Rabbis in Safed also helped with the search, even after Shabbat began, and special religious permission was granted to local ultra-Orthodox residents to disregard some Shabbat restrictions in order to assist with the manhunt.